What Does It Mean To Sponsor A Child? What Difference Could $1 A Day Make

Recently I saw an article written by a local ministry sharing 4 Myths you might believe about child sponsorship. I wanted to share them with you.

  1. With so many people in need, sponsoring one child won’t make a difference!
    Sometimes we feel that what could one person do to make a difference so we don’t make the effort. This myth may make you feel hopeless or powerless and keep you from acting at all. Let me assure you making a difference in even one child’s life can change their world and yours!
  2. I will see immediate results of my investment!
    Sponsorship is a relationship that starts with the Lord and in some cases, the truth is you may never know the total impact your gift makes. Trusting God, praying for the child, watching God work in your life and the child’s life will result in maybe more growth in you!
  3. I won’t be able to connect with a child overseas.
    Starts with praying. I realise this is the hardest part for us and for you all. Striving to create a way you can connect. This is our goal this year to create a better opportunity for you to connect to the children you sponsor
  4. My investment won’t meet actual needs!
    Every ministry is unique in how they work to fit the needs of children. We make sure that your gifts are used to meet their needs. Food, clothes, school fees, medical needs, a safe home are all important to us. So we go at least every other year to be sure that these children are being cared for and your funds are being used.