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About Asante Sana Tanzania

Under the leadership of Mpeli and Neema Mwaisumbe, who are the directors of Daily Bread Life Ministries in Tanzania, Asante Sana flourishes. In 2008 Daily Bread Life Ministries was approached by the local authorities and asked to take over the management of a children’s home where the people who started it had abandoned the children. Business men from Italy had built it thinking they could make money with an orphanage but when it became apparent to them they were losing money, they left with no one to manage the home. The reputation of Daily Bread Ministries is very well known so the local officials asked them to take over this home. After much prayer and seeking support from Vine & Branches and friends in South Carolina they agreed.

Scout and Scholastica, a local pastor and wife were hired to be the on site manager and ‘house parents’. Under their leadership God has blessed this home. The children are healthy and wonderfully loved. They are able to go to school and every day they are taught about Jesus. 19 children at this time are under their leadership.

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$1 a day can help provide food, clothes, school fees and supplies, medical help and a Christian home for these children, will you consider becoming a partner today?

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